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Knit Stitch Pattern Saturday

This is Week 3 of Stitch Pattern Saturday.  This week I knit the Garter Stitch Cobblestones pattern in the 400 knitting stitches book by Potter Craft.

Here’s the stats on my swatch:

  • This pattern is a 12 stitch repeat.  My swatch is 3 repeats of the pattern along with an edge stitch on each side for a total of 38 stitches
  •  It was done on U.S. Size 7 needles with worsted weight cotton.
  •  I repeated the 24 row stitch pattern 1 1/2 times. 
  •  It measures 9 inches wide and 6 1/2 inches long.

This is a great stitch for dishcloths.  Another use might be as the edges for a blanket when used with another stitch pattern.  I’m adding this to my stitch pattern notebook for future projects.

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