Weaving Potholders

Before I learned to knit and sew, I learned to weave potholders on my red metal potholder loom.  My original loom is more than 50 years old and I still use it often.  Recently, though, I discovered Harrisville Designs 10″ Potholder (PRO Size) Loom Kit .

Harrisville Designs 10 inch Potholder Loom Kit

  The loops that are available in designer colors are made for their larger loom and so I used some of my birthday gift card to purchase a new large loom.  The potholders are considerably larger than the traditional potholders.

The available colors are great.  I’m currently loving the silvery gray.  With so much stainless steel in everyone’s kitchen appliances, it seems the perfect accent color for kitchen items.

I’m currently adding one of these potholders to a set of a rectangular dishcloth and a dishcloth dress.  These are terrific hostess gifts that definitely speak to my love of all things handmade.

The dress in the above set is actually Mrs. Claus Kitchen Helper.  It’s available again this year with part of the proceeds going towards the purchase of a sheep through Heifer International.  Here’s the link to the pattern.

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