Dishcloth Dresses

The Original Dishcloth Dress

The original dress style dishcloth is now called Going Dancing.  I continue to knit these and have made quite a few of this style through the years.  The pattern is now in the Knit a Dress Dishcloth Book by Leisure Arts but I knit the very first one in 1998.  I’ve always loved the feather and fan stitch.  After knitting a baby blanket using feather and fan, I couldn’t shake the idea that it looked like a skirt.  I began experimenting with worsted weight cotton yarn and before I knew it, I had decreased my way to a waist.  Figuring out the bodice took a little longer and finally the shoulders, neckline and of course, the hanger.

I’ve designed many other dress style dishcloths since this first one using a variety of stitch patterns for the skirts but I always come back to this original style.  Since my latest color infatuation is gray, I decided to knit the dress dishcloth in gray and white.  Added to the new potholders that I made, it’s a great hostess gift for the upcoming holiday season.

And to make it extra special, I’ll be looking at the kitchen items on Mod Cloth.  They have a unique variety of items. (Mod Cloth items are affiliate links).

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