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Free Knitting Pattern for Mini Christmas Stocking

These cute mini Christmas Stockings are easy and quick to knit.  I used the Lion Brand Bon Bons in Jingle Bells yarns this year but any fingering weight yarn will do.  Hope you have a lovely Holiday Season!


Small Amounts of fingering weight yarn
Knitting Needles Double Pointed Size 2 or 3

Using Color (A) Cast on 28 stitches
Divide as follows on Needle 1 and Needle 3 place 7 stitches each needle and on Needle 2 place 14 stitches

Purl one Round
Knit one Round
Repeat the two rounds 2 additional times (6 rounds worked)

Change to Color (B)
Knit every round until the piece measures 2 to 2 1/2 inches long

HEEL-Change to Color (A)

Place the 7 stitches from needle 1 and the 7 stitches from Needle 3 on one needle and working back and forth, start with a wrong side row

Slip 1, Purl across
Slip 1, Knit across
Repeat the 2 rows 5 additional times

Turn Heel
Slip 1,Purl 8, P2tog, P1, Turn
Slip 1, Knit 5, K2tog, K1, Turn
Slip 1, Purl 6, P2 tog,  Turn
Slip 1, Knit 7, K2tog, K1

Put heel stitches back on 2 separate needles with 5 stitches on each needle, 14 Stitches are still on Needle #2

Heel Gusset

Using Needle #1 -Pick up 7 stitches along the edge of the Heel Flap

Change to Color (B)
Knit across the 14 stitches on  Needle #2

Using Needle #3 Pick up 7 stitches along the other edge of the Heel Flap and then knit 5 stitches of Heel.

Repeat the following 2 rounds 5 times
Round #1
Needle #1-Knit until 3 stitches remain and K2tog, K1
Needle #2-Knit across
Needle #3-Knit 1, SSK, Knit to end of round
Round #2
Knit around

After 5 times, there will be 7 stitches on Needle #1, 14 stitches on Needle #2, and 7 stitches on Needle #3


Knit 3 Rounds


Change to COLOR (A)
Knit one Round
K4, K2tog, K1; K1, SSK, K8, K2tog, K1; K1, SSK, K4
Knit one round
K3, K2tog, K1; K1, SSK, K6, K2tog, K1; K1, SSK, K3
Knit one round
K2, K2tog, K1; K1, SSK, K4, K2tog, K1; K1, SSK, K2
Knit one round
K2 tog, K2tog, SSK, SSK, K2tog, K2tog, SSK, SSK

Cut yarn leaving about 7 inches to thread through needle and tighten remaining 8 stitches

Push tail of yarn to wrong side of stocking and secure

Another great Holiday item is the Knit Dishcloth Dress especially designed for the Holiday season.  Mrs. Claus Kitchen Helper Dress Dishcloth is a knitting pattern available for a limited time only.  Part of each sale is being accumulated to purchase a sheep through the Heifer International Pass on the Gift Program.  Read more about this project in my blog post of November 3, 2013


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