Sewing Class Projects Complete

In my post of October 20, 2013, I outlined the sewing class that I was about to teach at my local community school.  The course is titled Using Your Sewing Machine and we just finished week 4.  Each class was 2 hours.  The first week, I was greeted by my eager students.  Each had a sewing machine and varying levels of knowledge of sewing.  I started with the basics including winding bobbins and threading the machines.  It was a little tricky for me to help each of the 12 students thread a different machine but sewing machines are basically the same.

Week 2 and 3 were dedicated to cutting the fabric, sewing and even ironing.  Pressing is an important part of sewing and I emphasized the importance of pressing open seams.

Week 4 was so much fun for everyone.  Each student sewed the handles onto the bag lining and then sewed the lining and the bag together, leaving an opening to turn the bag along the upper edge.  Many of my students looked doubtful that it was going to work.  So much so, that I began to doubt that I was giving the correct instructions.  Sure enough, I did give the right instructions and as each student turned the bag and saw the finish project, they were delighted and so was I. 

These are the finished projects.  Each student left with a lined tote bag.

Sewing Class Projects

We have one class left.  I’ll be reviewing the information on the back of the sewing pattern envelope and the direction sheet that is included with sewing patterns.  We’ll also talk about fabric types and finally, I’ll be giving them a small list of resources for sewing patterns, fabric, and on line instruction.

Do you have any online resources that are your favorites?  I’ll be sending them to Craftsy for classes too.

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