Highlights of 2012 in Photos

Mary Hoyer Doll Company Knit Coat pattern for Corolle Les Cherie Doll

Knit Gloves-yarn from Rhineback Sheep and Wool Festival

Let’s Go to Hawaii Dress Dishcloth Design

Ballerina Mini Costume at the Kennedy Arts Center

Knit Coat for Miss Corolle

National Cathedral, Christmas in Washington, DC

Summer Tents in Ocean Grove, NJ

Let’s Go to Paris Dress Dishcloth Pattern

Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

Self Striping Sock Yarn Knit Bear

Engagement Gift Knit Blanket

Yarn Bowl from the MSWF
Dubuque, Iowa Art Exhibit

Dubuque, Iowa

Shopping in Gallina, Ill

Dubuque, Iowa
Knit Baby Hat

Christmas Kitten

Vintage Knit Doll Coat

New Dress Dishcloth Designs

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