Taking Inventory of my Knitting

Most of the summer was spent getting ready to move to a much smaller home.  I cleaned out a lot of excess possessions throughout that time.  I also gave away and literally threw out lots of yarn that I know I won’t use.  My goal was to keep the best of the yarns and the projects that I’d actually complete.

The month of September brought the unpacking phase of the move.  I have more than enough room for my knitting and sewing resources here in my new home.  What I don’t have space for is yarns and half finished projects that I don’t totally love. 

Here’s one of the projects that I took apart.

 The yarns are beautiful shades of green but the shawl that I started was totally boring to knit.  I now have the yarn safely stored for a new project.

I still have too many started projects but I hope to continue to either finish them or unravel the knitting and save the yarn for a better project.

It’s a very freeing experience.  I believe that I’ve opened the door for new knitting projects by getting rid of all the projects that were lingering in a box or a closet in my old home.

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