Trying A New Knitting Stitch Pattern

 The Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns by Sterling Publishing Co. has been in my personal library for quite a few years.  This summer, I decided to browse through it to find some stitch patterns that I hadn’t tried before.


This is a multicolored stitch pattern called Tweed.  It is a simple four row pattern that uses one color for rows 1 and 2 and a second color for rows 3 and 4.

As always, I turned to size 7 knitting needles and my Sugar ‘n Cream worsted weight cotton yarn in two of my favorite colors, Robin’s Egg blue and yellow.

The result is a bright colored fabric that is rather thick.

I think it would be perfect as placemats for my kitchen.

I plan to try this stitch pattern in a lighter weight yarn.  I am designing a collection of doll clothes and perhaps this stitch will work well as part of a dress or skirt.

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