Crocheted Chick in an Easter Egg

 This Easter chick in the crocheted Easter Egg is a favorite of mine.  It was a gift from a good friend many years ago.  

My good friend and I drifted apart when I moved away more than 25 years ago.  Last year, i found out that she had died.  It’s strange how time passes so quickly.

But each spring, I take out my little chick in the crocheted egg and I think of that time in my life and our wonderful friendship.

Happy Easter! Have a joyous Spring.

One thought on “Crocheted Chick in an Easter Egg

  1. I mace this for my daughter over 40 years ago, I have been trying desperately to find the pattern again for my grand daughter. If anyone can be of help I would greatly appreciate it. I think I got it from a magazine.
    Ja kie.morgan1989@gmail.com

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