Shawl Finished in One Month

I am so pleased to share this photo. This is the Multinomah Shawl by Kate Flagg. I discovered this pattern on Ravelry and since I absolutely love the Feather & Fan Stitch, I knew it was the right pattern.

What’s truly amazing is that I purchased this yarn only one month ago and started the shawl the same day that I purchased the yarn. I’ve done a little knitting on it most days but yesterday spent about 5 hours finishing it. I’m so glad that I did.

I hope you can see the colorway. Someone commented that it looks like confetti and that’s exactly right!

So, now I know what it feels like to start and finish a project in a reasonable amount of time. You know what, it feels really good. I must do more of this. I’ve been feeling pressured by all the unfinished projects lately, not to mention the yarn that is sitting and waiting to be used. I have dwindled down the stash but I still have a ways to go and next week is MDSW Festival so I know there will be new yarn!

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