Dressing Dolls

Knit a Doll Dress with a 1957 Pattern

Here she is! I recently purchased a Fibre Craft 7.5 inch doll at my local AC Moore and wanted to create a dress for her. Luckily, I found a pattern in one of my 1957 Workbasket magazines and decided to give it a try. It’s just the right size.

I used some left over sock yarn and Size 1 needles. It only took about three hours to complete.

I have an extensive collection of knitting patterns and magazines and hope to knit many of the patterns in them to pass on to future knitters.

And here’s what the neighborhood looked like today. The sun finally came out and it created this magnificent scenery. The snow was stark white and the trees cast these wonderful shadows. The water in the pond absolutely glistened.

Just a beautiful day for a walk!

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