“Closet Archaeology” An Incredible Exhibition

Today started out like any other day off from work at this time of year. The sky was gray and as I started my day, I was less than enthusiastic. As I started to formulate my plan for what to do with the day, I remembered that I had seen an article about an exhibit at a local museum. I decided that today was the day that I’d visit.

What a wonderful surprise awaited me. This exhibit called “Closet Archeology” is a wonderful experience for all of us that are passionate about knitting, crocheting, and sewing. The artist has done an exceptional job of displaying the tools, accessories, and some garments of the past.

I spent over an hour just taking it all in. Many of the items are things that I have in my own collection but I’ve never seen anyone create such a wonderful exhibit with these types of things.

Here’s just one piece of art that is there. You must see it in person if you’re in the area.

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