The Thrill of Finding Yarn

So here I am, late on a Saturday afternoon with some unscheduled time. I did all my errands earlier today and by 3 o’clock sat in front of a tv movie and did some knitting. I’m working on another shrug, this one requested by a friend of mine to give to her daughter. After spending two hours knitting away, I put it down and make dinner. After dinner, I start looking through a few magazines that I uncovered while straightening up this morning and I find the November issue of Knitting Today from the UK. There is a pattern for a terrific pair of fingerless gloves. So I decide they are perfect for this yarn that has been around for way too long.Here it is. It’s a beautiful baby blue silk/cashmere mix. I started a pair of glove with this years ago, but they never progressed. Now I’m sure they are perfect for these fingerless gloves. I intend to wear the fingerless gloves over regular gloves. I really like that look.

While searching for the cashmere, I discovered this green/blue combo yarn. I have two skeins, so it’s probably just enough for a scarf. Now I really don’t need another scarf but it will be fun to make and if I don’t wear it, I’ll add it to the closet of finished projects for the next time that I need a gift.

And, here’s a new bag that I wanted to share with you. It’s a cute little wristlet bag just right for carrying a small knitting project. It’s got a pocket inside and is big enough for the cashmere or any other small project.

This is one of the Maddy Moo Creations bags These bags are incredibly well made. I am so happy that I found this company. When you get a chance follow the link on my website and take a look.

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