Finished Knitting My Socks

Here they are. I finally finished my Mint Chocolate Chip Socks with the brown toes. I am really pleased with these socks. The yarn colorway is delightful. I did a traditional knit 3, purl 1 rib and they are comfortable and fit great. So that’s one pair done and four more in progress plus yarn for at least one more pair.

I’ve been busy with holiday knitting since Thanksgiving. I’m making several ornaments for the tree and I’ve started a few Christmas Stockings. We’ll see how far I get. It’s really hard to find knitting time during this time of year. I’m looking forward to the Holiday break. I hope to settle in and finish at least one major project and make progress on a few of the others.

The week before Thanksgiving I had a chance to visit a small craft and art show. I wanted to see the photography of one of my co-workers. I must tell you it’s beautiful. In addition to many scenes, she did a few photos of sheep and they are wonderful. Here’s the link to her website. Be sure to take a look.

While at the show, I discovered these wonderful mini pottery pieces. They are about 2 inches high and perfect for holding needles or my seaming pins. I’ll be putting them in my studio. I just love finding unusual containers for my supplies.

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