Change of Season Knitting

Today brought an extra hour. I do enjoy this day and this time of year. Last week these pine cones were all over the ground near my home so I took this mini planter and filled it up with the pine cones. I’m so happy with the way it looks.

With the days shorter and cooler, my knitting projects change and to help make the transitions, I knit several dishcloths. The simple patterns and quick completion help clear my knitting mind for the longer projects of winter.

I have a blanket that is waiting to be worked on. The yarn is from my trip to England several years ago. I’ll be working on that blanket all through the winter and hopefully will finish it by the end of March. There’s also the yarn for a sweater that has been in storage for four years, I think I’ll use it this winter.

Meantime, I’m using this sign that hangs in my staircase to remind me that I don’t need any new yarn for awhile. Life is simpler when I use what I have first. I’ve purchased enough yarn in the last six months to get me through the winter. I’m really trying to stop accumulating yarn and fabric to use later. I really want to use what I purchase when I purchase it (at least in the same year!)

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