Holiday Gift Set

As the end of October gets closer, it’s time for me to think about holidays. This year, I have very little stockpiled as I’ve given away a lot throughout the year. So today, I decided to begin to make up some gift sets.
Here’s the first one. It’s the original “Going Dancing” Dress Dishcloth in a variegated and a solid peaches & creme yarn, a matching tribble, and 2 hand woven potholders. I’ll place these in a baking pan that I can purchase inexpensively and maybe add two dish towels and it will be ready for gift giving. I especially like to use these as hostess gifts when I go visiting around the holidays.

I have plenty of yarn and these go quickly so I’ll be making several more sets. Then it will be time to move on to decorations. Each year, I make a few ornaments. I usually knit up a few small Christmas Stockings, some mini mittens, and last year I made several beaded ornaments. One of the beaded ornaments is highlighted in my posting of October 25, 2008.

I’m continuing to work on my socks. I currently have four pairs started and this yarn is for the next pair. The colors in this Shalimar Yarn are so perfect at this time of year. I tend to work on socks in sets. I finish one sock to a pair, start the other, and then switch to a different pair for a week or so before I go back and finish sock two of the pair. This keeps me from getting bored with any one yarn. Since almost all my socks are done in the same knit 3, purl 1 rib, I depend on the quality and colorway of the yarn to be the highlight of the sock.

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