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The 2010 Knitting Calendar is progressing and will be ready for orders by the end of the month. Be sure to visit to see my design Prom Date Dress along with all the other great knitting patterns that are part of this calendar. I’m really looking forward to the calendars release.

Mean time, I’ve been working on several new Dress Dishcloth designs for the collection. Pictured above is Garden Party II. This will be one of a series that I’ll be publishing later this year. The collection will be available for download from my website. This dress has a v neck and points on the edge of the skirt. It’s fun and still practical because the skirt is plenty big enough for wiping the counter or a few dishes. This design makes a great gift for a young girl to use as a washcloth.

I’m making great progress on my other projects. I’ve finished the first of Jake’s Gloves and 2 fingers of the second glove. I’m turning the heel on sock two of the blue pair and yesterday, I started the Wanida socks from Cookie A’s Sock Innovation. These socks are much easier than it first appeared. I’m taking the chart one row at a time and they are progressing nicely.

I’ve discovered a great way for keeping the chart easy to see while knitting. I’m using a 4 x 6 clear photo frame. I have the chart in the frame and the frame sitting next to me while knitting. It really makes it easy to read while knitting.

I did finish one project this week. Well almost, I still have to wave the ends in and decide if I’m going to crochet a border around the outer edge. It’s a baby blanket using Tessin by Muench. This yarn has been in my stash for many years. I had started a different blanket about two years ago but it really wasn’t progressing so I took it apart and made a different blanket. And so that’s one more yarn out of my stash and one more unfinished project Done.

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