Re-Organizing my Knitting Projects

I’ve just ended two weeks of vacation and I’m happy to say that I spent a great deal of time in my studio, knitting, sewing, and reorganizing my projects and supplies. I made a lot of progress on some of my knitting projects and did a lot of sewing. I found myself getting into a routine. An hour of knitting first thing in the morning, then sewing until lunch time, then making a few row keeper bracelets after lunch, knitting again until dinner. The evenings were spent knitting some more and reading a bit. I can truly say that I enjoyed this routine. But now it’s back to my busy days at work. I have a few more days off before the end of the summer and then again at the holidays.

I thought I should make myself an updated list of my projects. I’m am trying desperately to reduce the number of projects that are unfinished and the amount of yarn that I keep collecting. I’ve made significant progress by not buying yarn without a project in mind. For quite a few years, I was buying yarn just because it appealed to me but I often found that I either didn’t buy enough for a project or had absolutely no idea what I wanted to make with the yarn I had bought. Over the last year, I’ve been going through my projects before I shop. This has avoided a lot of waste of both time and money and much better knitting results. I’ve done the same with my fabric, button, and trim collection. More about the fabric stash another time.

I separated my list into six categories:

Projects to be Completed
New Projects to be Started
Other WIP’s
Yarn for Undesignated Projects
Barely Started Projects
Old Projects & Yarns

The Projects to be Completed list has five items on it. (Five is my target number of projects at any one time. )

Pictured above is Project One. These are my three quarter length ribbed gloves called “Jake’s Gloves”. These gloves have a story but I’ll save that for a posting when I finish the gloves. As you can see I’m working on the little finger of glove one. I’m hoping to finish these this week.

The next two photos are the two pairs of socks that I’m currently working on. The mint chocolate chip socks are using the needles that I need to start my Wanida socks from Cookie A’s Sock Innovation, so I’m anxious to finish those. The Blue Socks have been around way too long. I just want them FINISHED!

Project four is a cardigan that got stuck when it was time to start the increases on the sleeves. Because I had time to knit during the day, I was able to concentrate on the pattern and I’m now ready to work on the sleeve cap. I hope to finish this cardigan within a month.

And Project Five is a simple baby blanket. I’m using yarn that has been in my stash for many years. I had to improvise to have enough yarn to make it. I’ll post about that as soon as it’s done. This blanket is my late night knitting because it requires absolutely no concentration. I only have about seven inches left to knit so it should be done shortly.

My new project list also has five items. I’m trying to finish at least one WIP before starting one
new project.

There’s also five items on my Other WIP’s list, four yarns on my Yarn list, four projects on my Barely Started list, and oh yeah, about 12-15 projects on my old projects and yarn list.

So, I have plenty of good knitting ahead of me, Just in time for the fall knitting magazine’s to come out on the newstand. The lists go on and on.

And finally, here’s one of my sewing projects. This is a drawstring project bag and a matching 10 inch square envelope bag with a clip to hang on my purse or belt when carrying small knitting projects such as my socks or gloves.

Hope you like it. I’ll be putting a collection of these types of bags in my Handmade Shop on the website. I’ll let everyone know when the collections ready.

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