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Knitting Treasures from the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival

Last weekend was my first ever visit to a Sheep and Wool festival and it was the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. I had an incredible time. The sites and the people were terrific! I was on knitting overload for hours. When I first got there, I was shocked by how many cars were in the parking lot. As I parked, I wondered how I was possibly going to find my car when it was time to leave. Thankfully knitters parked next to me and they pointed out landmarks that would help me find my car. Sure enough, I found the car fairly easily when it was time to leave.

First I ran into these really cute Alpaca.

Then the sheep.

While talking to some people that I met, I found I could buy a sheep and keep it on a public farm. Who knows, I do love to have pets. Why not a sheep? By the way, my family warned me not to bring a sheep home from the festival. Good thing they did, or I might have bought one on the spot!

After visiting the animals,

I went into the barn where the Garment competition was held.

This beautiful sweater caught my attention. The detail of the pattern is beautiful. If anyone knows how to get this pattern, please let me know. Also, the color variation is just incredible.

Then, on to the SHOPPING!!!

First stop, Festival gear!

I couldn’t resist the tote bag. the logo is terrific! Also purchased the mug, a tank top with logo and a keychain!

Then onto the wool,

I found this hand dyed yarn by Shalimar Yarns.

I purchased these two colorways. Love them both. The peach, brown, turquoise skein is called Catalina and is going to be a shawlette. They had a nice pattern with a lace insert across the back.

The green shaded skein is just my favorite greens and is called Sno Pea. I’m not sure yet but this will probably be socks.

I also discovered these DK weight wools at a small booth by Bartlett Yarns from Maine.

The blue cone is 1800 yards. I just love the color. I recently purchased Alison Hyde’s book, Wrapped in Comfort. This yarn is going to be used for the Blue Jay Shawl. I’ve even decided to swatch the pattern first. While listening to the Knitmore Girls podcast, I learned that by making a swatch with 30 stitches, I can determine my gauge more accurately. I’m going to try this method for the swatch.

And, finally, my last stop, the Signature Arts Needle booth.

I’ve been wanting a pair of these needles for awhile. These are size 7 in the stilletto points, 10 inch length. I tried them to make a quick dishcloth and they are totally worth having! I knit faster and easier with these! Will be buying more, in other sizes and lengths. I really want the double pointed ones, but right now, they are not in my budget!

And so, I now have the yarn for 3 special projects that will remind me of a wonderful day surrounded by all that is knitting!

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