Knit n Sew Studio One Year Blog-aversary

It’s hard to believe but a year ago today, I started this blog. Right now, I’m sitting in a local park writing this post. I couldn’t imagine this a year ago but now in addition to my desktop computer I’ve got a netbook that goes with me everywhere. That and a mobile broadband connection and I’m no longer tied to a desk. I can share my knitting and sewing with all from anywhere.

My knitting and sewing this last year has become more focused because of this blog. I look forward to sharing my projects with you. I’m still working on using up my stash so that what’s left actually fits in the space that is my studio. I have stopped buying yarn without a purpose. This is huge for me. However, I have noticed that I have many more projects started than I did a year ago.

I’ve found many blogs this year and enjoy seeing what others are making. I continue to make and sell the Row Keeper Bracelet for Knitting. Thnaks to all of you who continue to use it to count the rows of your knitting projects.

as I begin my seond year of the blog, I hope to refine my projects, share more free knitting patterns with you on my website and really get to the bottom (alright, maybe just the middle) of my stash.

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