Row Keeper Bracelet for Knitting & Knitting Progress

Thanks to all of my fellow knitters, the row keeper bracelet for knitting continues to keep me busy. I’m busy filling another order. I make each one of the bracelets with a little help from a local workshop. The bracelets will keep me busy through the weekend.

My sock knitting is continuing at a good pace. I’ve finished the first sock and I’m thrilled with the results. I’m refraining from posting a photo until I finish the second sock. I’ve knit the leg and tonight I’ll start the heel.

My rainbow afghan is off to a good start. I started with the lavender and now I’m on the first blue section. This project is wonderful at lifting my mood on these dark, cloudy days.

My next project to complete is this pullover.

I knit this last winter in about a month. Then one day, I put it away to start another project and it has been sitting in one of my knitting bags ever since. I’d like to wear it soon. Hope I can finish it by mid-February.

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