Green Cable Stitch Socks-FINISHED!!

Here they are and I’m so pleased with them. This is by far the best sock pattern I’ve made so far. I usually use variegated or self-striping sock yarn but these solid green ones show off the stitch pattern beautifully. i used my basic sock pattern and changed the stitch. first time for me

To celebrate, I went to the fabric store! I’ve had an apron in mind for a while now and I had the center piece of fabric in my stash. It’s large enough for a bibbed apron but I needed a contrasting fabric for the ties and the pockets. I found the two side pieces at my local fabric shop. I’m pretty sure, I’ll be using the coffee cups fabric but I couldn’t resist the country scenes on the fabric on the right. I’m sure I’ll use it for something. I need an apron, not for cooking and cleaning, but to carry around my phone when I’m in the house and my outfit has no pockets, I’m forever leaving the phone laying around and then have to run through the house to find it when it rings. Very annoying. I’ll let you see my apron when it’s done. Could be a week or two as work keeps me busy during the week.

Finally, here’s a vase of pretty tulips I bought in the grocery store yesterday. I need flowers in the house at this time of year. Surrounding myself with the beauty of nature helps get through these dreary winter days.

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