Finished versus Ready to Use

Here’s a photo of my latest “Ready to Use” Scarf and Gloves. These set has been “finished” for quite a few years (at least 4 that I can think of, probably more). They were in a small storage bin in my studio, having been moved from my last home to this one, they were in the back of the supply closet. As I continue to try to use my stash, I came accross this set. The scarf was done except that the ends needed to be weaved into the ends. The gloves are the sideways knit method and just needed to be sewed together. When I started knitting the glove together last week, I realized that one glove was already sewed together. I can’t imagine what distraction stopped me from sewing together the second glove. Probably another new project, and then another one after that. The good part is how exciting it is to have new gloves and matching scarves so quickly.

The yarn is Reynolds Utopia. I haven’t used it lately but I do like the feel of it. The scarf and glove patterns are from two different booklets. They are also somewhere in my studio. I need to go dig them out. I remember this being a good scarf booklet and the gloves are in a really nice glove booklet. I’ll post more when I find them.

I’m working on updating my website. It’s going well but is time consuming and since I only have a few hours a week to devote to computer work, it may take awhile.

I just picked up the Holiday edition of interweave Knits. Tomorrow I want to attempt the slipper socks that are in there. There’s another more complicated pair that I really want to make but that will have to go on my list of projects to be started. Hopefully, I can finish a few more before I start another. I still have 3 pairs of socks started.

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