I Knit a Beaded Ornament

Here’s my first beaded Ornament. I’m really excited about the way it came out. I went to my local Michaels store last week for some red and white yarn to make small christmas stockings and stumbled across a Leisure Arts book entitled Bead Ornaments to Knit. It’s the first time I saw this booklet so of course I had to buy it. It has 12 ornaments made with sport weight yarn and size 5 needles so I knew it wouldn’t take long to make one. I bought some 4mm beads in gold and patons brilliant yarn in a deep red. Here’s the result. The photo isn’t that great because the flash reflects of the shine in the yarn and the beads. I just finished a second one and it’s even better than the first. So this is my holiday project for the season. A few ornaments and a few small christmas stockings. I usually don’t get these ideas until after Thanksgiving and then of course, it’s too late to really make any progress but maybe this year. We’ll see how my time goes.

This time of year is incredibly busy for me at work. It really reduces the time I can spend on my knitting and sewing projects. Also, many of you have ordered the row counter bracelets so I’m using most of my time making bracelets. I really enjoy making them and I’m so glad that you find them useful.

Other projects that I’m working on are socks, shawls, and blankets. Only getting a few rows done, here and there.

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