September Knitting

I ended the summer with two weeks of a houseful of company. Not much time to knit but plenty of time to think about what I’d like to knit! Then, as usual, Labor Day brings thoughts of Fall knitting. The wonderful afghans that are in progress were put away in May and now it’s time to work on them again. I have two beautiful ones started and can’t wait to get back to them.

Before I can start, though, I need to make a baby sweater for a very special little baby girl. The photo is an actual swatch of the yarn and striped pattern that I’ll be making. She’s only a few months old so this will be her first cashmere sweater.

Also, in September I always start to think about Christmas stockings. I have a great pattern for an 8 inch stocking, great for small gifts. I’ll be sure to post photos when they’re done.

With the company gone, the first thing I did this weekend (after cleaning up) was to re-organize my studio. The dishcloth cotton now fits in one box. I have 40 of them finished. Still a ways to go to make it to 100. I’ve put the cotton away for now. While cleaning up the studio, I was still a little shocked to see how much yarn and how many started projects are there. I’m really going to try and finish some of them before the holidays. Hopefully, I can avoid buying more yarn until at least Christmas. We’ll see. I really have trouble passing up great yarn.

Oh and one more thing, I discovered the longest running work in progress in my studio. I beautiful afghan. I’ll tell you about it in my next post. I need to take some photos so you can see it.

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