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My Mom’s Crocheting

My Mom passed away quietly in January at the age of 92. Over the past 3 years since my Dad died, I moved her and all her belongings 3 times to bring her close to where I live. Now the important possessions are in my garage and the rest is in storage. It will be a while before I figure out what to do with everything.

The first thing I did was go through the box and bag of her yarn and crochet hooks and projects. My mother crocheted one thing for as long as I can remember, beautiful, intricate doilies made with fine mercerized cotton thread using very small crochet hooks. She made hundreds of them and when I was a little girl, I remember her starching them so they would be crisp and ruffling the edges then drying them pinned to old ceiling tiles.

In the bag was the last of the crocheted doilies, finished and ready to be gifted to someone. To honor her and her work, I had it custom framed and now have it hanging in my studio.

In her later years, when her arthritis made it painful to do such fine work, she began to crochet hotpads using worsted weight cotton. We all have them. She made so very many of them. In the bag were the last few finished ones. These were meant for my cousin when he moved to his new home so I sent them to him.

There were 2 unfinished one along with the directions, too. Since I’m left handed, I’m not sure that I’ll be able to finish them.

She also left behind the directions, written on a piece of notepaper. We talked often that as good as I as at knitting, I really hadn’t mastered the art of crochet. She tried to teach me but my being left handed caused a great deal of confusion. I finally took a class in December and tackled crocheting. I can do the basics now. So I’ll tackle the hotpad pattern one day.

Here’s her written directions.

Crochet Hotpad instructions.

An finally, there is one doily still in progress. I’m leaving this just as it is and displaying it in my studio.

My mother was your typical 1950’s Mom who’s home and family were her top priority. She taught me many things including my love of sewing and all sorts of needlework. So on this Mother’s Day, I thank her for all she did and know that she’s watching over her family and pleased that I appreciate her work.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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