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My Knitting Tool Kits

There are essential tools that I need when I knit.  Several years ago, I set up 3 different cases to hold those tools.  Each one is a re-purposed purse that I no longer used.  The first one is this Isabella Fiore barrel shaped wristlet that I bought to carry to a special event.  I love this wristlet and after the event couldn’t stand that it was sitting in the closet.  So it became my main tool kit.

It measures 7 inches long and 3 inches high and holds everything I need when knitting.  This case spends most of the time next to my knitting spot at home.


When I knit away from home, I have 2 smaller cases.  This one is also a wristlet.  Unlike my main kit, this one has a clasp closure and doesn’t hold quite as much.  It does fit nicely in my knitting bag or suitcase.  This one also measures 7 inches long but is much narrower than my main kit.

The third kit that I have is actually a Coach eyeglass case with a zippered top.  This is ideal for small knitting project bags.  It only hold the essentials and is only about one inch wide.

So What’s in these tool kits

Over the next few months, I’ll highlight the different tools in my knitting kits.  Today, I want to show you the scissors that I keep in each one.  Having a scissors close by is essential when I’m knitting.  One never knows when the moment will arrive that the yarn needs to be cut.  Especially when weaving in those pesky ends.

My favorite scissors for yarn snipping is the Gingher embroidery scissors.  I have this 4 inch pair that was a gift.  These live in my main barrel bag.

My other Gingher scissors live in the clasp wristlet that I carry when knitting away from home.  I do not put that bag in my carry on when I travel.  I don’t want to chance them being confiscated at the security check in.

In my repurposed eyeglass case, I have a nice pair of Bryspun scissors.  They fit nicely in the case.


So where do you keep your knitting tools? Are they scattered in drawers or do you have a special case for them?

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