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Knit Stitch Pattern Saturday

Today’s stitch pattern is a variation on a knit mitered square.  For this pattern, I knit 4 mitered squares and sewed them together.  I discovered a book entitled 200 Knitted Blocks by Jan Eaton in my library.  I hadn’t looked through this book in quite a while and was inspired by the many different combinations of mitered squares and diagonal blocks.  I chose Number 73 called Two Edges.  This miter starts with 6 rows of 1 color, continues with 2 rows of a contrasting color, and finishes with a third color.

For each of the 4 squares, I used a U.S. Size 7 knitting needle and worsted weight cotton yarn.  Sewing them together was a bit of a challenge but I really like the effect.  This is not something to knit if you dislike weaving in ends since there are many.

I have so many lovely yarns that would look stunning in this stitch pattern.  I think a scarf and especially a blanket would be terrific using these mitered squares.

What do you think?

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