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Hello Baby-A Knit Blanket

In April 2016, I purchased 5 skeins of Plymouth Yarn Toybox  Rainbow yarn while in Florida.  Using my Cherish Baby Blanket pattern, I cast on this baby blanket and only knit 5 rows.  I picked it up again last summer and knit about a third of the blanket.  Then it sat all winter.  Three weeks again, I decided it was time to complete this blanket and add it to my collection of finished items that are ready when I need a gift.  I really dislike deadline knitting and so I knit items and keep them until I need a gift, then go shopping in my own home.

Here’s Hello Baby! I used 3 skeins of yarn, approximately 720 yards.  This yarn is acrylic and is machine wash and dry making it ideal for baby.

This knitting pattern is a 20 row repeat that is easy to track by sight.  It has a garter stitch border.  This is the third blanket that I’ve knit using this pattern and the first time that I used a striping yarn.  The colors worked out nicely.  Here’s a close up of the stitch pattern.

The Cherish Baby Blanket pattern is written for worsted weight yarn with one version using one strand and size 8 knitting needles and the other using two strands of worsted weight held together on Size 13 needles.

I have 2 skeins of this lovely yarn left to add to my stash.

Now to move on to one of my other unfinished projects.  Right now, I have too many projects started!

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