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Shawl Knitting

Although I have many shawls in my Ravelry queue and yarn for them in my stash as I wrote about on February 15, 2017, I couldn’t help but start the Holmes Shawl from the Spring 2017 issue of Love of Knitting.

This is a magazine that I don’t usually buy but this issue has this lovely simple shawl along with several other patterns that interested me.

The shawl is knit on Size 7 needles and worsted weight yarn.  I decided to use Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Fisherman for this shawl so that it would be easy care as the yarn is machine wash and dry.  I expect this one to become a gift.  The next one that I knit will be for myself and I’ll pick one of the many wonderful yarns in my stash.


The pattern is a simple repeat on the wrong side rows and knit across the right side rows making the knitting go very quickly which is why I know that I’ll knit this pattern again.

Do you have favorite patterns that you’ve knit more than once or do you only knit each pattern once and move on to a new challenge?

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