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Knit Stitch Pattern Saturday

Here’s a stitch pattern that I have admired for a long time and finally decided to knit it.  It’s called Candlelight.

This is one repeat of the pattern on U.S. Size 7 knitting needles and using worsted weight yarn.

I am a little disappointed in this pattern.  All the photos that I admired showed multiples of this pattern and the “candle flames” all interlock.  Knitting only one repeat of the pattern does not give the full effect of the pattern.  I also envisioned this pattern being much smaller.  If I knit this again or use it in a design, I would use either fingering or dk weight yarn and smaller needles.  Maybe that would give me the effect that I envisioned.

This pattern does not lie flat either.  The center section is raised.

Any suggestions for a design that uses this stitch pattern?  I can’t think of any so this swatch will just go into my notebook for the future.

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