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Woven Tote Bag

Take a look at the Everything Bag!  This bag measures 24 inches wide and 18 inches to the top point.  This is the second one that I made.  I’ve been using the first one since last summer.  I have found so many uses for this bag.  It has gone to the beach and pool holding my towels, a good book, my water, and of course, a knitting project.  It also has made several trips to the Grocery store and carried home a variety of items.  Of course, it accompanied me to a knitting class that I taught and it held all my instructional materials and my sample knitting.

Made from another of my favorite creative activities, weaving, this bag consists of 12 woven cotton mats that I sewed together by hand.  The handles are detachable and it is machine washable and dry-able.  Here’s a closer look at the bag.

Would you like an Everything Bag?  What would you use it to hold and carry?  I’m considering offering them in my Etsy shop.  Since each one is time intensive, they will be pricey although, I expect that no two would be totally alike.  Leave me a comment letting me know if and how you would use the Everything Bag.  I would love to hear from you.

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