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Knit Stitch Pattern Saturday

This week’s stitch pattern is titled Garter Diagonals. This pattern is an 8 stitch repeat and the simple knit and purl stitch combination creates this effect.

For my swatch I cast on 24 stitches doing 3 repeats of the pattern rows.  I used U.S. size 7 knitting needles and worsted weight yarn.  The swatch is approximately 6 inches wide.  The pattern is 16 rows and what makes this really simple is that every right side row is knit stitch.  The swatch is 1 and half repeats of the rows in the pattern making the swatch 4 inches long.

I see endless possibilities in this stitch pattern especially if it is used with an equal repeat in the other direction creating a V shape with the garter stitch sections.

What would you use this stitch pattern to create?

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