A Bit of Ceramics

Now that I’m free to use my time as I please, I spend a good part of each day knitting and sewing. There are a lot of other creative activities that I enjoy including painting so I’ve gone back to a weekly ceramic class.  I did many ceramic pieces in the 1970’s and in addition to the pieces that I made, I spent time with some wonderful people.

Here’s my first project.  Two simple tea bag holders for my Mom to use while she is visiting with me.  She really likes to have one next to her tea cup.  These will stay at my house and be a good reminder of her visit.

I really found painting these relaxing and a nice break from my knitting.  Currently, I’m working on a Yarn Bowl and can’t wait to share a picture with you.

So what other creative activities do you enjoy when you take a break from your knitting?

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