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The Gift of a Knit Blanket

Deadline knitting is really not my strong point.  I began this blanket last November with hopes of finishing it by the end of January as a Birthday gift for my brother.

I did really well and only had about 10 inches left to knit in mid January.  Then, life got in the way and I put it aside.  I have done lots of other knitting projects since January but for some reason, this blanket did not get finished.

So last week, I decided it was time to finish it up.  Two days of steady knitting on this and I was finished.  Another afternoon to weave in the ends and it was complete and ready to give him.  So on Sunday, this blanket finally left the house.  My brother was thrilled to receive it which always make me happy.

The blanket pattern is Annette’s Afghan from The Encore Worsted Done by Monday Afghan Collection.  The title of this pattern book always make me giggle, personally, it always takes me longer than finished by Monday unless that Monday is months after I started.

I do love these patterns, though. Knit on U.S. Size 13 needles with a double strand of worsted weight yarn, these afghans always knit up warm and cozy.  I’ve knit many afghans from this book and continue to use these patterns often.

So, how are you at deadline knitting? Do you finish in the time you set for yourself or do your projects linger on the needles longer than you’d like to admit?

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