Meet Claire the Knitted Bear

Claire the Bear is finished just in time to join Pierre at my local elementary school. Claire is knit using the Leisure Arts knit pattern Mimi the Bear.  I knit Pierre last year and he spent the school year in the library of my school. Here’s the blog post describing Pierre.  Since I work all year in the office, Pierre spent the summer with me.  
I decided to create a booklet featuring all the work that goes on in the summer at my school featuring Pierre.  Claire came to register at the end of the summer and will join Pierre in the library this school year along with the booklet that I created.
Here’s a few of the pictures that are in the booklet.

This was a fun project.  I hope to inspire the children to learn to knit and to use their imaginations to share stories about their creations.

Claire is knit using worsted weight yarn and U.S. size 5 knitting needles.  Her dress is knit using DK  weight yarn and U.S. size 3 knitting needles.  Both Pierre and Claire are simple to knit.  I especially like the design of the head and nose.  Instead of a nose that it knit separately, the nose is knit with a series of increases and decreases.  This makes finishing must easier.

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