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Learn to Knit Purse

Teaching children to knit is always such a wonderful experience.  I use this purse as their first real project after they knit a small square to get the feel of the process.  Here’s the purse and the pattern

U.S. Size 11 knitting needles
One Pair of Oval Wooden Handles 8 ½ inches by 5 ½ inches
¼ inch ribbon
Yarn needle
Learn to Knit Purse
Cast on 32 stitches
Knit 30 rows (15 ridges) will measure approximately 6 inches
Next 42 rows are as follows:
Row 1-Knit across
Row 2-Purl across
Repeat rows 1 and 2 until all 42 rows are complete.  This is called Stockinette Stitch.
Final 30 rows are Knit across
Piece will measure approximately 23 inches long.
Cast off all stitches.


Thread ribbon through eye of the yarn needle

Fold end of knit piece over the handle and sew through both layers of the piece.

Sew a second row of ribbon and pull to gather the knitted piece.  Tie a bow with the ends of the ribbon.

Repeat on other end with second handle

Turn knitted piece with the purl side of the stockinette stitch section showing.  Sew the stockinette sides of the purse together.

Turn purse so that knit side of stockinette is on the outside

Enjoy your knitted purse!

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