Sewing Class Project Spring 2015

Teaching How to Use your Sewing Machine at the local community school was once again, an enjoyable experience.  I taught the first group in the Fall of 2013, Here’s the link to their projects, the second group in the Fall of 2014, here’s the link to their projects and now this group.  I did this semester a little differently.  The first class was the Beginner group.  I limited the enrollment to 8 students this time.  A much needed adjustment, class was more manageable.  
As in the past, I started with winding a bobbin and threading the machine and then we proceeded to making the tote bags.  Here’s an example of my students finished projects.


The second 5 week session was an Intermediate class, open to students of my beginner classes.  I limited that class to 6 individuals.  Each student had a choice of patterns.

We started week one with learning to read the back of the pattern envelope including what type and how much fabric to use, what size to make, and notions and tools that would be needed.  Then we opened the pattern instructions and read through them and picked out the needed pieces of the pattern and loosely cut them out.  My students’ reaction to the tissue paper was quite amusing.  They were really concerned with the weight of the tissue paper.

Week 2, each student pinned their pattern pieces to the fabric that they had purchased.  This reinforced my decision to limiting the class to 6 students.  Today’s public school classrooms do not have the large tables that are needed.  Luckily we were in a Science lab and the tables were arranged 2 together making a suitable surface to lay out the pattern pieces.

Week 3,4, & 5 were dedicated to sewing.  Here’s a few pictures of some of the finished projects.

Hopefully my students will continue to sew.  We had a good time together.  I believe sewing to be an important skill and a wonderful way to express your creativity. 

So have you done any sewing lately?  Do you know someone who would benefit from your knowledge and learn to sew?

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