My Fall 2014 Sewing Class

Before Thanksgiving, I finished teaching Learn to Use your Sewing Machine for the second time at my local community school.  The first time was in the Fall of 2013.  Here’s the link to the results from the first class.  Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed teaching this class and working with the students towards completing their projects.

This class had 12 individuals enrolled.  8 beginners and 4 students who enrolled for a second time.  The beginner’s each made a tote bag and the repeat students made pillows and learned to install a zipper.  Having 2 groups going at the same time was a little challenging but it all worked out.  Also, this time, I had my youngest students, 2 young woman aged 12 and 13.  They were very eager to learn to sew.  Here’s their finished tote bags

In order to complete this project, we started with learning to wind a bobbin and thread their machines.  Then learning to sew a straight stitch and pressing open the seams.  These tote bags are lined.

My advanced students made pillows with a zipper closing.  Several of them made more than one.

The class was 5 two hour sessions and we spent the last week trying out making buttonholes and learning to use the machine to sew a blind hem.

My next class is Winter of 2015.  This time, I’m splitting the group into 2 separate classes, a beginner and an intermediate.  My intermediate class will consist of students that have already completed the beginner class.  I’m picking out 2 patterns for them to choose from.  One clothing piece and one household piece.  They’ll learn to layout the pattern pieces, read the instructions as they sew their project, make a casing for elastic, and sew a hem.  My beginner class will be limited to 8 this time.  I’ve found that more than that is just too much of a challenge.  Especially in the first two weeks.

I use I Can’t Believe I’m Sewing by Leisure Arts as the book for my beginners.  Their practice project is the coaster on pages 14-17.


So where is your sewing machine?  When was the last time that you used it?

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