Knitting and Sewing Inspired by Pinterest

Browsing Pinterest has become an important part of my daily routine.  I am inspired by the projects that I find Pinned.  My Board Knitting and Sewing Ideas has 208 pins right now.  I’ve started to sort them into separate boards so that I can find inspiration when I’m ready for new projects.  I’ve added lots of patterns to my Ravelry queue that I would not have found if they weren’t highlighted by a fellow Pinterest member.  I’ve also discovered several great ideas for finishing projects and for organizing my knitting and sewing tools and supplies.

One of my favorite Pinterest finds is this idea to use a teapot as a yarn bowl.

 Another is this eyeglass case turned into a sewing or knitting tool kit. 

Here’s the post from the blog Tea Rose Home that includes the tutorial.

And I’m about to try this crochet edge on a baby blanket that I just finished knitting.

I contribute a few of my own project to Pinterest, too.  Here’s my case for my Nexus 10 Tablet.

Besides knittting and sewing, I have lots of other pinterest boards.  There’s creative skills that I want to learn, creative color, and random articles.  Random articles holds lots of inspirational phrases that I love.

So what is your favorite Pinterest find?  Leave a comment and I’ll be sure to check out your boards.

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