Knitting Ornaments for Holidays

 Two weeks ago, I realized that I hadn’t done any knitting specifically for the holidays.  Last year, I made one of these Christmas ornaments and decided that I would complete the set this year and write the pattern to share with all of you.

These ornaments are simple to knit and look great in a bowl or on the tree.

Visit my Ravelry store to download the pattern for these ornaments.

Start with plain glass ornaments.  These are 2 1/2 inch round ornaments. 

I used Patons Brilliant from my stash but any Sport or Dk weight yarn will work nicely.

The first one has beads added to the knitting.  You’ll need 60 – 4 mm beads.

 For this one I decided to eliminate the beads and knit 4 rows with one color and 2 rows with another color.

 And this one is 4 rows of each color.

 And then back to a beaded ornament.  Only this time, I used silver beads and white yarn.

Christmas is still two weeks away so I still have time to make several more. 

I really like the way these add warmth to the Christmas decorations in my home. 

So what knit decorations are around your home for the holidays?  In addition to these, I have Christmas stockings ranging from miniatures for the tree to full size to hold the presents, hot pads, and a special holiday hanging towel in the kitchen.

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