I Will Finish Knitting This Shawl

According to the receipt in the knitting bag that holds this shawl, I purchased the yarn and pattern in 2004.  I purchased it at my first visit to Stitches East when it was held in Atlantic City, N.J.
The yarn is wonderful although I don’t have the labels so I’m not sure of the content.  It’s probably a merino that was hand dyed.  It is shades of turquoise with a slight bit of tan running through it.

The pattern is from Red Oak Designs and when I tried to find the website, it’s no longer there.  I do have a picture of the finished shawl.  It is garter stitch with this triangular shaping to fit over the shoulders and the bottom edge is a feather and fan border for about 8 inches. 

There are two skeins of yarn that I haven’t wound yet.


And so, it’s time to finish this shawl.

I can’t imagine why I haven’t finished it sooner.  This one is now the oldest unfinished project. 

Yesterday I put all my started projects in one pile.  I have too many.  Here’s a brief list:

Socks-more than I care to mention
Scarves & Shawls-at least 3 that I really should finish
Sweaters-3 but I just started them in 2010
Blankets-2 that I started this winter and 1 that’s been around since 2006
Baby sweaters, hat, & blanket- Quite a few!
Gloves both fingerless and with fingers – at least 5

And that doesn’t include projects that I already have the yarn in my stash but haven’t cast on yet.

So, this summer it’s time to tackle these projects once again and see if I can finish a few before I start some new ones. 

Sounds like a plan but I don’t know if I can turn it into reality!

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