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Dress Our Dolls Presentation

Among the things that I like to knit and sew are doll clothes.  I have been organizing the collection this winter and now they will be displayed at my local library.  I am currently working on the documentation to accompany the display and will be posting the information to my website.  Here’s a sampling of the dolls in their outfits

This is an 18 inch American Girl Doll Size jumper and sweater that is my own pattern.  

Below is a dress that I knit from a 1957 issue of Workbasket magazine

This is a dress for a 22 inch doll from a 1932 McCall’s sewing pattern that I found at an antique fair

This dress fits an 11 1/2 inch fashion doll such as Barbie.  I can’t find the pattern right now so I’m off to search my collection of patterns.

This outfit is knit from a 1940’s book called “I Learn to Knit to Dress my Doll Primrose”

I’m including several other dolls and outfits in the display along with pattern booklets from 1950 through the present that I have.  

I hope that this will inspire young people to learn to knit and sew. 

3 thoughts on “Dress Our Dolls Presentation

  1. I love the pink dress! Please please find the pattern and post it. I would love to knit it for my grandaughter.

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