Knitting Themed Children’s Book

When I go to Barnes & Noble, I often check the children section for picture books with a knitting theme. This weekend, while looking over the shelves, the word “knitting” jumped out at me. I pulled the book off the shelf and was pleased to find “Noodle’s Knitting“. This is a delightful picture book about a mouse that wants to knit. She gets a ball of yarn and the story develops from there.

I read the book to a group of first graders today. They enjoyed it. I brought my knitting and after I read the book, many of them told me about moms, aunts, and grandmas that knit for them. Several told me that they already are learning to knit and many want to learn. I told them I would teach them when they were in third grade.

Finding ways to share my love of knitting is always fun.

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