Time I started Holiday Knitting

This post is inspired by an Artfire contest to win a terrific camera. The challenge is to share your plans for a handmade holiday. Here’s a sampling of my handmade holiday items.

I know many people who have been busy knitting holiday gifts since July. I am not one of them. I knit all year and put the finished projects in my cabinet and then shop from that cabinet when I need I gift.

I do, however, enjoy knitting holiday decorations as gifts, package decorations and decorations for my home.

This snowman is one that I’ve knitted many times but still haven’t written out the directions. I really need to do that and add it to my website and ravelry page.

Last year, I made these ornaments. I knit a straight piece and then sewed the piece to make a tube. I gathered both ends and covered plain glass ornaments. These really sparkle in the light. As you can see, I started adding beads to these. I didn’t write out these directions, either.

And, here’s a little gift bear in his new vest. This is for a project that my Woman’s Club is doing.

Developing my bear wear and doll clothes is a major goal for 2011. I’d forgotten how much fun these little miniature outfits can be.

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