Continuing the Red Socks

I’m happy to show you the first of my Red Socks done and the matching one well on its way. This yarn has been so much fun to work with. In addition to the bright red, there are traces of lavendar and a golden yellow. The sock is my basic sock from Yankee Knitter Designs done with a K3, P1 rib along the leg and across the top of the foot. I’m looking forward to wearing these. Although, it won’t be any time soon because the temperature is in the high 90’s this week.

And to match my new socks, I found this great blazer today. I really am in a red phase. This jacket is by Liz Clayborne and I only paid $10.00 for it. I went to the outlet and the original price of this jacket was $169.00, it was marked down twice and then at $19.99, there was an additional 50% off. I’m thrilled! I am such a good shopper!!

And so, I think that I’ve satisfied the desire to be surrounded by red. Now I’m ready to move on to finishing another pair of socks and maybe one of the summer sweaters that are in progress. Both of them are shades of teal. I do love that color!!

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