Flea Market Finds for New Projects!

Last weekend I spent Saturday at a huge Flea Market & Antique Fair. It was hot but we got there early and began walking from table to table. Here are a few of the terrific items that I found.

First, these vintage acrylic handles. I’ll be using them for tote bags.

Then I found these two great vintage tablecloths. I should be able to make several tote bags out of each one. I really enjoy making bags from these vintage textiles.

And finally, I found these great buttons. I’m so excited about them. I’m searching for just the right cardigan pattern and then off to find just the right yarn. The buttons aren’t that big so I think the yarn needs to be DK weight. I’m going to post this button picture on Ravelry and hope for suggestions for pattern and yarn.

Or, my other thought is to buy a cardigan and replace the buttons with these. That sounds easier but not as much fun.

This time of year is perfect for collecting supplies for my summer projects. Now if I only had more time off from work to create some of these projects. But two weeks vacation will have to be enough for now.

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