Knitting Fingerless Gloves

Here’s the fingerless gloves that I made for myself this week. As I posted before Christmas, I’ve just discovered how fun they are to make and wear. I made 4 pairs so far including these for myself. The other 3 pairs were finished in record time and were gifted to friends that were not expecting a gift from me. They’re response was terrific!

This pair is from Marks & Kattens Iceland Wool/Acrylic blend. I had 2 skeins of this yarn and used most of it. I’ve been wearing them this week and they feel just right.

As this year comes to an end, I’m happy to say that I’ve made huge progress in using the yarns that I’ve accumulated. I’m getting better and better at shopping my stash when I want to make things. I finished several projects that were lingering for years. I’ve also become more selective with my yarn shopping. I attended my first Sheep & Wool Festival and now I intend to make it a yearly event. I also discovered Yarn CSA’s this year. What a wonderful way to give my knitting more meaning.

So that’s it for 2009. Tomorrow I’ll write about my knitting and sewing plans for 2010. Mean time, Happy New Year to all!

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