Knitting a Dress for 6 3/4 inch Cindy Doll

This photo is the Cindy Doll by Fibre Craft. They are available at craft stores and online at Annie’s Attic and Create for Less. They are inexpensive and make a nice gift for a little girl. About eight years ago, I designed this little dress for the doll. I finally sat down and wrote out the pattern and will be putting it on my website as a free pattern.

This dress uses a very small amount of yarn and is great for leftover yarn. The one on the left is from Sugar n Cream cotton in a solid. I show the back so you can see that it’s a wrap dress. Basically no finishing. Just a ribbon tie with a bow at the waist. The center dress is also Sugar n Cream but I used a print for the skirt and a solid for the bodice. The one on the right is from leftover yarn from a blanket. This is a wool/acrylic blend. I can’t remember what brand that is. It was just a small amount in my stash.

I’ll post as soon as I’ve added the pattern to my website. At that time, I’m also going to give away 5 Row Keeper Bracelets for Knitting in a clear and blue bead combination. The bracelets will go to the first five knitter’s who send me a photo of the Dress completed. If you use a different doll that’s okay. I have no connection to these dolls other than that I think they’re cute and just the right size for small hands to carry and play with.

Have a great day!

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