Knitting Experiments

This has been a week of experimental knitting in addition to the projects that I’m working on. I discovered the stitch pattern that’s pictured above and had to try it out. So I grabbed some sugar n creme cotton and my size 7 needles and cast on 34 stitches. doing one pattern repeat. I absolutely adore this stitch pattern! I’m not sure if I’m going to use it for a tote bag, an afghan , or a table runner but I’m definitely going to use it. It’s only an 8 row repeat so it’s fun without being to complicated.
Then I finally decided to make time to join the Monthly Dishcloth Group Knit a Long. It is really fun. I truly enjoy coming home from work and finding 11 rows of knitting waiting for me. It’s just enough knitting to keep me occupied while dinner is cooking. I had fun not knowing what I was knitting. This photo is the end of Day 3. Can you Figure out what it is?
And yesterday, I made a visit to one of my favorite stores. I just found out there’s an Anthropologie Store in the area. When I went there, this great frame was in the 50% off area. The picture barely does it justice. It’s my favorite Turqouise, green, yellow and white color combination. All I need is to pick out an inspirational photo for the frame. I like to frame photos of my favorite yarns or something knitting related. I may try framing the photo of the sewing machines that I saw at Ellis Island. Those sewing machines really impressed me.

I worked on my green shawl this week and it’s almost done. Hopefully my next post will have finished photos.

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